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Processing Plant


NOVABARCA S.A.´s processing plant with about 4000 m2 of built area, is strategically located and with an easy access to the Montevideo Port, main port of Uruguay, and to the International Airport of Carrasco.


In order to keep pace, its facilities has been constantly renovated and new technologies and processes are constantly adopted. Due to constant improvement our processing plant is authorised to export to the European Union. 

At present, it´s processing capacity is 120 metric tons per day, offering a wide range of frozen products: whole round, HG, HGT, steaks and wings, reaching an annual production of 14.000 metric tons.


NOVABARCA S.A. has a storage capacity of 1000 MT. It has six freezing tunnels with a total capacity of 300 MT, three 0ºC Cold Storage with a combined total capacity of 300 MT and two frozen Chambers with “Drive-In” storage made of galvanized steel structures with 681 positions of 1500 kgs. of capacity. Furthermore, it has a capacity of ice-production of 20 MT per day, with a storage silo with a capacity for 30 MT.


In order to keep the highest standards of health and freshness of its products, NOVABARCA S.A. uses the latest fish conversation methods. With these techniques, the fish is frozen at -40ºC, thus avoiding the formation of ice-crystals and the rupture of its cells, which allows preserving its texture as well as its nutritional values.


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